Xpert Tempest 2 Non-Safety Dealer Boots

Xpert Tempest 2 Non-Safety Dealer Boots


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  • Product Details

    About the Xpert™ Tempest

    The Xpert™ Tempest II Non-Safety Dealer Work Boot is tough, hardwearing, and built for comfort. When safety isn’t paramount and you don’t require a steel toe or midsole, it doesn’t come much better than the Xpert Tempest II pull-on Chelsea boot.

    Product Details at a glance

    Non-Safety – Perfect for Non-Safety Work Applications

    Quality Leather – High Quality and Durable Waxy Leather

    All-Day Comfort – With Comfort-X™ Open-Cell Insole for Superior Comfort and Durability.

    Additional Features

    • Dual Density PU/TPU Hardwearing Outsole
    • Double Elastic Gusset

  • About Xpert IQ™ Technologies

    The Xpert™ Tempest II Work Boot is engineered using Xpert IQ™ Footwear Technologies 

    The foot is an extraordinary part of the human body; it is home to 33 joints and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. With 26 bones in each foot, both feet combined account for over a quarter of the bones in the human body. The foot is central to providing mobility, support and balance for the rest of the body.

    With many workers and farmers spending most of their working day on their feet, often in challenging environments or on uneven terrain, it's imperative that footwear is designed to provide adequate protection and support to the wearer. The Xpert IQ™ workwear technologies incorporated into Xpert™ footwear are designed to do exactly that.

    • With Comfort-X™ Open-Cell Insole

    Xpert™ Comfort-X™ Open-Cell Insole technology delivers an unmatched combination of performance and comfort.

    Benefits of the Xpert™ Comfort-X™ Open-Cell Insole include:

    Enduring Comfort – The Comfort-X™ Open-Cell Insole is manufactured from a maximum rebound, high-density foam that keeps its shape over time for longer-lasting comfort.

    Lightweight & Breathable – Allows air to circulate around the insole keeping the foot cool and comfortable.

    Moisture Control – The anti-microbial structure drives moisture away from the foot to safeguard against infection or unwanted odours.

    Washing Machine Safe – You can easily remove your Xpert™ Comfort-X™ Open-Cell Insole and wash it in the washing machine, following user guidelines.

  • About Xpert™

    Xpert™ engineers more comfortable, longer-lasting footwear and workwear. Designed to endure the hardest tasks and toughest conditions, Xpert™ footwear is designed using Xpert IQ™ Technologies – ensuring you stay fully protected and comfortable doing what you do best. A firm favourite with the agricultural sectors across Europe, Xpert™ won't let you down.

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